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xCoins Review 2022

xCoins is typically a peer-to-peer crypto platform that connects Bitcoin borrowers and lenders. It merely acts as a middleman, facilitating the loan transaction between the lender and the borrower. It is based out of California, and it enables users to avail a secured Bitcoin loan through the following payment method – PayPal and Debit/Credit cards. It is not like regular trading, where a borrower cannot get their money back if they do not wish to keep the Bitcoin. Lenders on xCoins can join for free. They can lend their Bitcoins, set their interest rates, collect the origination fee along with the processing fee through PayPal. Generally, the interest rate recommended by xCoins is 15%. This is the base rate.

xCoins Summary

Official Website http://xcoins.io/
Headquarters United States
Found in 2016
Native Token None
Listed florida sports betting Only Bitcoin (BTC)
Trading Pairs BTC/USD
Supported Fiat Currencies USD, EUR
Supported Countries 40+
Minimum Deposit $20
Deposit Fees Rates between 15% to 30%
Transaction Fees For Lending-> Free
For Borrowing-> 2.9% + $0.30
Withdrawal Fees No
Application No
Customer Support FAQs & Submit Ticket Support

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What is xCoins.io?

xCoins.io is a leading crypto lending platform, which offers us to lend or borrow BTC. It is a secured platform; borrowers need to put their assets as a mortgage for the loan. Like for car loans, the borrower provides some collateral to the lender during a loan term. In xCoins, the borrower offers USD traded for BTC as collateral to the lender.

In this xCoins review, we have discussed the platform, including its pros and cons, advantages, fee structures, features, and many more.

xCoins Review - Platform InterfacexCoins Review – Platform Interface

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How Do xCoins.io Work?

xCoins.io is a cryptocurrency website with many significant improvements over other exchanges. It is one of the fastest services offering two different payment methods – credit cards and PayPal. The non-custodial instant exchange uses Mastercard or Visa bank cards. It allows us to send coins to their private wallets directly. Hence, it merely acts as a mediator or broker between the coin sellers and the user. Generally, there is no need for the users to withdraw or deposit money into their xCoins accounts.

To get started with trading on xCoins, Sign Up on the official website with your ID document to open an account. Then, select the coins you want to trade, buy or sell and receive several coins in your digital wallet within a few minutes of your payment approval.

xCoins Sign Up ProcessxCoins Sign Up Process

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Top Perks of xCoins.io

Fast Transactions Deliver BTC faster than regular websites. The verification process is not tedious, and money can be kept as a security for Bitcoins. This makes the loan service secure, reliable, and fast.
Easy Setup Setting up an xCoins account is simple and can be done in a few steps within a few minutes.
Beginner-friendly The website is user-friendly with a clear and straightforward interface. Beginners can also use this platform with the freedom to select whether to be a borrower or lender.
Security It has developed full security measures for the funds maintained by people. The automated transaction process requires a match between the borrowers and lenders who have adequate Bitcoins in their wallets.
Easy Exchange and Reversal Generally, Bitcoin transactions are not reversible. But xCoins enables users to protect themselves from hackers and scammers with the secure lending for Bitcoin loan. Moreover, the automated platform makes it possible to refund Bitcoins within seven business days.

Features of xCoins.io

A few of the notable features you can benefit from the xCoins platforms have been mentioned below –

  • Buy BTC with PayPal, Debit cards, Bank Transfers – Users can buy BTC via PayPal, Debit cards, or bank transfer through ACH.
  • Pay with your Credit cards – xCoins accepts payments via credit cards or through PayPal.

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card at xCoins.ioBuy Bitcoin with Credit Card at xCoins.io

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  • Straightforward Fee Structure – Unlike other platforms, xCoins has a simple fee structure developed directly into the loan. It is easy to know how much users are paying to buy Bitcoins upfront.
  • Earn money from Bitcoin – Start earning money from BTC crypto; first, you need to sign up as a lender on the website. Deposit the money amount you want to lend and then wait to get matches on xCoins with potential borrowers.

Earn With Bitcoin at xCoinsEarn With Bitcoin at xCoins

  • Peer-to-peer marketplace – With xCoins, you can browse the marketplace filled with potential lenders who are willing to offer their services. The marketplace is competitive, and the lending fees do not fall below 15%.
  • xCoins Wallet – Offers an in-built wallet that allows investors to receive Bitcoins and directly spend from them.

Receive Bitcoin and Spend From xCoins WalletReceive Bitcoin and Spend From xCoins Wallet

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  • Automated System – The entire procedure of completing a trade between buyers and sellers is fully automated. xCoins keeps track of its user payments and releases Bitcoins for the borrower or buyer.
  • Minimum Bitcoin lending of $20 – On xCoins, you can start lending without having any significant money amount in your crypto account.
  • Profit Margin Guarantee – xCoins is the only lending platform that offers a profit margin guarantee. If the profit falls below 50 percent for the lenders, xCoins reimburses the difference to them with at least 50 percent profit margins.
  • Easy Loan Repayment – Paying loans on xCoins is easy. All you have to do is contact your lender when you want to repay and transfer the loan amount in Bitcoin back to his Bitcoin wallet. The borrower must pay the processing fees and the bank transfer fee when the repayment of the loan.

xCoins Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Accepts PayPal and credit cards to buy Bitcoins. Limited payment methods.
Easy verification with 2-factor authentication. The website lacks many important features.
Customer service with quick response. Lacks adequate security and was hacked in 2017.
Affiliate Program.
Non-custodial and beginner-friendly platform.

Products by xCoins.io


Trading views vary from one exchange to another. You can trade easily using the xCoins’s interface. Enter the amount of USD or EUR you would like to spend or the cryptocurrency amount you desire to purchase. The purchase interface offers advanced buying and selling features for both beginners and advanced traders.

Trading is Easy With xCoinsTrading is Easy With xCoins

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Lending/Borrowing Bitcoins

xCoins is one of the leading Bitcoin platforms, connecting the lender with the borrower and facilitating smooth business transactions. Trading is done with USD and BTC. Once investors deposit Bitcoins in their wallets, they can start to lend the coins to their potential buyers. xCoins acts as a mediator that matches the offers made by borrowers with the lenders and manages business transactions between them.

Lending and Borrowing Bitcoins With xCoinsLending and Borrowing Bitcoins With xCoins

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To lend Bitcoins through xCoins, deposit the Bitcoins into the Bitcoin wallet before connecting with the borrower. And for borrowing or buying Bitcoins through xCoins, press Get Bitcoin from the menu bar. This drop-down menu will show you all the existing borrowing options, including the expected cost of each Bitcoin at the time of repayment and also the maximum and minimum amounts available.

Services by xCoins.io

Referral System

xCoins offers a referral service program on their website. After signing up with the referral code, the system generates a single promo code that can be shared with friends or on social media platforms. Once shared, you could receive a direct proportion of the transactions made by the referred member.

Benefits of xCoins Referral SystemBenefits of xCoins Referral System

Under the referral system, traders will receive $10 for every referred user and a lifetime of 20% commission on the fees generated by the referred users, but only when they make purchases worth $200 or more in total. This is not a one-time offer; you can keep making money from the referred member until the end. There are three different ways by which you can earn money just by being an affiliate – Sub-affiliate, Lender, and Borrower. So, start sharing the promo code to reap the maximum benefits!

However, to know the full referral system process with commission rates check here.

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Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

xCoins offers another service to its users, and that is easy and fast access to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You can purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum just by using your Mastercard or Visa Credit card. It is extremely user-friendly and a straightforward procedure of exchange fiat money for BTC or turning your cryptocurrency into fiat money.

Buy Bitcoin Instantly With Credit Card at xCoinsBuy Bitcoin Instantly With Credit Card at xCoins

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

What makes xCoins popular is the payment options they offer. You can buy BTC not only with your credit card but also with PayPal. In 2016, there were only a few services where Bitcoin could be purchased using PayPal, and xCoins was one of them. Generally, you may find it challenging to buy BTC using PayPal since it could be a potential chargeback. But the company has successfully managed this problem because it technically does not sell Bitcoin; it only lends them. The process involves you connecting with the lender, sending money to his PayPal, and in return, receiving Bitcoin from him.

Buy Bitcoin Using Paypal at xCoinsBuy Bitcoin Using Paypal at xCoins

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Buy Bitcoin Online

To start buying Bitcoins online from the xCoins’s website, make sure that you have an account with the company. There are various crypto exchanges in the market today that allow you to buy Bitcoins online but require verification of your identity first. xCoins, on the other hand, operate differently by enabling users to buy BTC within a few clicks and minutes. You can buy BTC only after your account gets verified.

xCoins Review - Get Bitcoin Online From xCoinsxCoins Review – Get Bitcoin Online From xCoins

Benefits of xCoins.io

  • 3-step signing up procedure on the website
  • Supports different payment modes – Debit/Credit cards, eChecks, PayPal Credit and PayPal Balance, ACH
  • More opportunities for investors to earn returns with a Peer-to-Peer business model
  • Customer service with quick response
  • A fast transaction that buyers admire
  • Automated payment tracking
  • Easy refund

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xCoins Fees

Trading fees

The fee structure under the xCoins system is straightforward. It charges only a 5% processing fee on the cards. This is a standard rate compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges that use Mastercard and Visa bank cards for transactions. xCoins rate of cryptocurrency exchange platform has been considered one of the best and most generous platforms in this industry. It is trying to lower the processing fee to 3.79%, which is in line with the industry average. Moreover, the company also guarantees that the following transaction would be free of any charge if the transaction does not complete within 15 minutes.

Moreover, xCoins has various limits to the level of purchases which may differ based on the verification levels –

  • Level 1 – User can purchase up to $12,000
  • Level 2 – Spend $10,000, and then, user can buy up to $25,000
  • Level 3 – Meet level 2, spend $25,000 and then, buy up to $100,000

Withdrawal fees

Coming to the xCoins withdrawal fees, the good florida sports bettings is that there is no fee charged if you withdraw funds from the platform. But it is important to note that you will be charged network fees for transferring cryptocurrency.

Deposit fees

xCoins deposits are, however, not free. For every deposit made on xCoins through Visa Cards or PayPal, they charge 2.9% on the promise and an additional $0.30. BTC buyers can browse through the rates set by the lenders. Usually, the rates are between 15% to 30% of the loan amount. These rates are oddly high in the crypto world. They do not pay any fees since they set their interest rate, and xCoins considers an undisclosed interest rate. However, there is a deduction of fees when the crypto is loaned out.

Supported Payment Methods

xCoins supports various payment methods. And they are as follows

  • Main credit cards – Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express
  • Debit cards
  • ACH or Automated Clearing House directly from bank accounts
  • PayPal Balance and Credit
  • eCheck

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xCoins Review: Conclusion

To sum up, this xCoins review defines the platform as one of the best Bitcoin lending sites operating since 2016. The website comes with a unique business model that guarantees profit to the lenders. It is one of the most legitimate ways of allowing lenders and borrowers to communicate with each other and strike a cryptocurrency loan deal.

Buyers can choose from the payment options such as debit card, credit card, bank transfers, and PayPal to buy/borrow BTC by paying 15% – 30% of the total fees for any period. Lenders, on the other hand, earn interest on BTC holdings.


Is xCoins.io Legit?

xCoins seems to be legit, but several users have complained about the platform. They have reported issues relating to the suspension of their PayPal account while using xCoins, matters relating to the withdrawal of funds, and delayed response from customer support.

How to Open an Account With xCoins.io?

To get started with xCoins, you need to sign up on xCoins and open an account on the website. The process of opening an account on xCoins does not take too long. Once the account is ready, you can start making payments with your chosen payment method. You can receive BTC in your xCoins wallet and spend them on whatever you want.

How to Get in Touch With xCoins Customer Service?

xCoins boasts top-notch and efficient customer service. To get in touch with xCoins.io Customer Service, you need to submit a ticket where they will answer your particular query. However, you can also check the status of your ticket. And the other way to get answers to your questions is through general faq and discussion forums.

xCoins Customer ServicexCoins Customer Service

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Which Countries Do xCoins Support?

xCoins supports all countries except Bangladesh, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Vietnam, Nepal, China, and United Arab Emirates.

Does xCoins Have an App?

No, xCoins does not have a mobile app.

Which Fiat Currencies Are Supported by xCoins.io?

The only fiat currencies that xCoins deal with are USD or United States Dollar and EUR or Euro. No other fiat currencies can be used on the xCoins.

Which Cryptocurrencies Are Supported by xCoins.io?

xCoins.io supports only Bitcoin (BTC). No other cryptocurrencies are supported on the xCoins.

Are There Any Transfer Limits on xCoins?

Yes, the maximum transaction limit on xCoins is $1,000, which is very limiting. Therefore, it is primarily suitable for casual enthusiasts who would like to exchange Bitcoin and USD.

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